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I have been teaching Physics to students of XI -XII- IIT (mains & advanced) other regional engineering entrance and medical entrance examinations for the last twelve years. I have worked in a number of reputed coaching institutes in Delhi and outside Delhi. At present I have been working as PGT physics in Brain International School. Most parents send their wards to big institutions, as they are influenced by the sheer size and glamour of advertisements in newspapers or pictures of attractive girls studying together and smiling. Yet others by seeing fabricated results.

Sometimes I come across brilliant students and sometimes mediocre ones. The methodology of teaching each kind is different.

I strictly advise parents to send their wards to specialized teachers. Believe in quality. Don't be part of a crowd.
What a student gets at Prashant Physics Classes:

1. Comprehensive COURSE MATERIAL.
2. NOTES in classroom.
3. REGULAR TESTS in conventional and unconventional ways.
4. REMOVAL OF DOUBTS (utmost priority).

Results of Prashant Physics Classes

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